Boxing Practices in Aveiro

Dates and times

Monday to Friday, 6pm-7pm and 7pm-8pm and 8pm-9pm


Monthly Plan - €30/month

Avenida Dom Manuel de Almeida Trindade 3810-488 Aveiro

Do you feel that this is the right time to start a combat sport?

Boxing is a combat sport that uses fist techniques for defensive and offensive purposes.


It is a physical and sporting activity that offers numerous benefits, from a greater capacity for self-defense, increased coordination, improved physical composition and increased self-esteem.


At Urban Wolves you can expect a space with training equipment at your disposal and well-structured training to achieve your goals, from fitness exercises, through the plastron and bag, practice with your training colleagues and feel improvements from day to day.


Put on your gloves and come and try it out!


Price Includes

- Workouts every day of the week (free access)



If you don’t have gloves, there’s no problem. You can come to practice anyway, you just need to bring comfortable training clothes.


About Urban Wolves

CrossFit Urban Wolves, founded in 2016, has as main areas of expertise CrossFit and Functional Training, which with the advancement of time and the growth of the box, have also been moving towards Martial Arts and Pilates. The image of space, 'the wolf', represents the greatest idea of ​​space, which is to create a family founded on the principles of consistency, fidelity and discipline.


More Information

If you have any further questions send us a message via whatsapp through this link .


Contact WOU: 918 136 805