Guided Tour in Óbidos


Do you want to meet Óbidos through the eyes of a local?

Get into the historic center of Óbidos and discover the secrets hidden in the medieval streets and their people. This Tour takes you to know the village of Óbidos in a less touristy and more local perspective, combines history, legends, explains the daily lives of its residents, alerts for its preservation and takes you to a unique experience in one of the Torres do Castelo (Escape Tower).


Price Includes

- Tour in the Óbidos with a local guida - Entrance on Escape Tower


Sobre a Teresa Vai de Férias

It is a local tourism agency that focuses on promoting Oeste and Sado through the promotion of products, brands and companies in each region.

This project is developed in partnership with several companies in each region, using tourism as a channel for regional promotion.'


About the Local Guide

Her name is Sílvia Cláudio, 37 years old and lives in Cesaredas, a village in the municipality of Lourinhã. She has a degree in Tourism and a Master in Management and Sustainability in Tourism, by Escola Superior de Tecnologia do Mar de Peniche. She loves to travel and likes to venture into lesser known places. She lived in Montreal (Canada), She is am Portuguese-Canadian, and believes that our home is always the place with which we identify ourselves, where we find reasons to stay, where our heart discovers the calm and restlessness that completes our life and where one finds the freedom to grow as a person and as a professional.


That is why adventure, sharing, empathy, respect for nature, cultures and different ways of life worry and fascinate me and, she ventures to say, that is Tourism. As your local guide, it is this passion that she wants to convey to you, creating memories and sharing with you some of her favorite places. Shall we?



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