1.1 The present Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “TC”) aim to define the general conditions between WOU and the User.

1.1.1 The use of the Website is exclusively subject to TC. TCs are accepted when registering an User account on the Webite. The TC are available on the Site and can be read, printed or saved.

1.1.2 WOU may, at any time, amend these TCs, in accordance with this provision. If changes are made to these TCs, the revised version will be published on website and the changes will be notified by email.

1.1.3 The Products / Services disclosed and promoted by WOU are made, produced, supplied and provided by third parties, qualified suppliers, Partners, under the terms defined in the Partnership contracts signed between them and WOU.

1.1.4 WOU Events are organised and held by WOU.

1.2 Definitions

WOU Code: means the code, voucher, ticket, coupon, QR Code, card and / or password, or equivalent, issued to the User by WOU and made available in the personal area and email, at the moment of submission a Product / Service booking.

Registration Code: proof of registration for a WOU Event, which must be shown on the spot to the WOU Collaborator, Partner or other authorized official, to validate the entrance into the WOU Event.

WOU Event: event organised and carried out by WOU.

Support Line: telephone contact, available on the Website, which provides support services to the User/Visitor and Partners.

Partner: designates the legal entity that provides one or more Products/Services included in a WOU Plan.

Partnership: agreement between WOU and the Partner that allows the latter to have their Product/Service available for sale on

WOU Plan: designates the Product/Service provided by the Partner and can be purchased by Users for a period of time.

Intellectual Property: means (i) patents, pending patent applications, designs, trademarks and trade names (registered or not), copyright and related rights, rights relating to databases, knowledge and confidential information, (ii) any other intellectual property rights and similar or equivalent rights worldwide, which currently exist or are recognized in the future, and (iii) orders, extensions and renewals in relation to any of these rights.

Product/Service: means the product or service provided by the Partner to Users.

Support Service: set of means of contact between WOU, Users/Visitors and Partners.

Website: designates the website

User: any person eligible to book a Product/Service on the website

Visitor: anyone who accesses the website but does not formalize any registration.


2.1 The WOU brand and the Website are being developed within the scope of the “StartUp Voucher 2018” project - “StartUp Portugal” – following the National Strategy for Entrepreneurship, approved by Order no. 6619-A / 2018 published in Diário da Republica, II Série, n.º 128, of July 5, 2018, domiciled at CETEC - Business Incubator, Rua Coronel Júlio Veiga Simão, 3025-307, Coimbra; email:; telephone: + 351 918 136 805.


3.1 To register an Account at, the User must be at least 16 years old and and must be authorized to make legally binding commitments, with the exception of the requirements that may be imposed by the Partners.


4.1 On the Website:

4.1.1 Choose the Category;

4.1.2 Select the Product/Service;

4.1.3 Confirm the details of the Product/Service;

4.1.4 Click on “Continue”;

4.1.5 Make “Login” or “Register” (fill in with your User data);

4.1.6 Click on “Reserve”;

4.1.7 Confirm receipt of the WOU Code in your email or personal area on the Site.

4.1.7 Confirm receipt of the WOU Code in your email or personal area on the Site.

4.3 As soon as the WOU Code is validated with the Partner, the discount is granted and the Plan is activated.


5.1 On the Website:

5.1.1 Select the WOU Event;

5.1.3 Click on “Continue”;

5.1.4 Make “Login” or “Register” (fill in with your user data);

5.1.5 Click on “Reserve”;

5.1.6 Confirm receipt of the Registration Code in your email or personal area on the Site.

5.2 The Registration Code may be printed or shown digitally at the event.


6.1 WOU Plans

6.1.1 The User must make the payment to the Partner, provider of the Products/Services booked at, through the payment methods provided in place.

6.2 WOU Events

6.2.1 The User must make the payment with the Partner, associated with the WOU Event reserved on the, through the payment methods provided in place.


7.1 WOU Codes

7.1.1 WOU Codes are non-transferable and exclusive to a User.

7.1.2 The intention to use the WOU Code must be mentioned in the act of entering into a contract with the Partner, at the place where the Product/Service will be provided.

7.1.3 Any fee imposed by the Partner not covered in the Product/Service details, on the WOU Site, is the exclusive responsibility of the Partner.

7.1.4 The WOU Code is only valid if the contract established between the Partner and the User corresponds to the details of the respective WOU Plan, described on the Website.

7.1.5 User must comply with these TC and Partner Terms and Conditions when purchasing the Products/Services.

7.1.6 The content of the Products/Services on the Site may be modified without prior notice, WOU committing itself to propose a replacement solution. The same applies to typographical errors, so the correct information will always be that which appears when the Product/Service is marked. To be updated you should check the Website regularly. WOU is sometimes forced to remove Products/Services from some locations for reasons beyond its control. If the chosen Partner is removed from the Website, we can try to offer alternative Partners, in which it is possible to carry out the type of Product/ Service.

7.2 Registration Codes

7.2.1 The Registration Codes are non-transferable and exclusive to a User.

7.2.2 The User must show the Registration Code, at the place of the WOU Event, to a Collaborator, Partner or other authorized responsible person, to validate the entry upon entry.

7.2.3 User must comply with these TC and Partner Terms and Conditions when purchasing the Products/ Services.


8.1 Cancellation of a WOU Plan reservation

8.1.1 The User can cancel the WOU Plans in the personal area of the Website..

8.2 Cancellation of a Registration Code

8.2.1 The User can cancel the Registration Codes in the personal area of the Website.


9.1 Revocation of a WOU Plan

9.1.1 Any revocation of Product/Service must be made through the Partner, once it has the responsibility to supplying it.

9.1.2 The User must know the Partner's Terms and Conditions, provided by the Partner.

9.2 Revocation of an Enrollment Code

9.2.1 It is not allowed to revoke a Registration Code, after having made the acquisition of that code.


10.1 WOU Codes

10.1.1 Not applicable.

10.2 Registration Codes

10.2.1 Not applicable.


11.1 Each WOU Code and the Registration Code have a time limit for its issuance.

11.1.1 After their issue, the codes must be validated within the date stipulated for their activation.

11.2 The WOU Code and the Registration Code expire after the stipulated date for its activation.


12.1 WOU Codes

12.1.1 The User may renew a WOU Plan whenever it is available for that purpose. In case of renewal, the User will receive an email with all the instructions to follow.

12.2 Registration Codes

12.2.1 Not applicable.


13.1 The reproduction, editing or tampering of the WOU Codes and Registration Codes is not permitted. In case of a well-founded suspicion of unauthorized reproduction, WOU reserves the right to initiate appropriate legal procedures.


14.1 WOU Plans

14.1.1 WOU guarantees that the Partner accepts the use of the WOU Code: providing the Products/Services and the conditions specified therein.

14.1.2 WOU does not assume any warranty or liability in relation to the Products/Services purchased by the User directly from the Partner. The Product/Service specified in the WOU Code is provided by the Partner to the User on its own behalf and so, WOU does not respond to the User for breach of any obligations of the Partner when providing the Product/Service.

14.1.3 WOU is not the owner of the Products/Services offered and does not own them. In such cases, WOU is not responsible for its existence, quality, quantity, integrity of the Products/Services offered. Each Partner knows and accepts to be solely responsible for the offer of the Products/Services, and each User must go directly to the Partner to submit any complaints. WOU does not respond to the User acquiring a WOU Code for non-compliance with the Partner's obligations when providing the Product/Service. However, if there is a problem with the provision of the Product/Service, the User should contact WOU, which, without commitment, will seek to find a solution to the problem. For this, the User must send an email to

14.2 WOU Events

14.2.2 WOU is responsible for holding the event in accordance with the information published on the Website.

14.3 Non-conformity of the electronic version

14.3.1 If problems arise with the use of the WOU Code and/or Registration Code, or other computer problems, WOU will try to find a solution. If this happens, contact us by email to or phone: +351 918 136 805.


15.1 All the contents of the Products/Services and the elements of the Website: trademarks, information, illustrations, images, photographs, logos, videos and published databases, are protected by copyright, trademark and patent laws. It is, therefore, expressly forbidden to alter, reproduce, publish, use or transmit any of these contents to third parties, without prior written authorization from WOU.

15.2 All images on the Site are for illustrative purposes only.


16.1. Personal information relating to Users will be treated in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679, known as GDPR - General Regulation on Data Protection, which can be collected and stored in a file by WOU, namely:

16.1.1 Sending of commercial communications in accordance with article 6, paragraph 1, point 6, 1, a) of the European Regulation 2016/679. In this case, the absence of authorization does not affect the registration of the User account. The User has the right to withdraw its consent at any time.

16.1.2 When the data is marked with an asterisk and marked as mandatory fields, this data is collected to allow compliance with contractual and pre-contractual obligations, in accordance with article 6 (1) (b) of the European Regulation 2016/679. Failure to provide this data will make it impossible to conclude the contract. In these cases, these data are sent to WOU.

16.2 In legal terms, is guaranteed to the User the right of access, deletion, portability and rectification and updating of his personal data, as well as the right to oppose the use of such data, communicating this decision to The collected data will not be used to implement an automatic decision. For more information about the treatment implemented on the Site, see the Privacy Policy, available on the Website.

16.3 Regarding the access and use of the Website and the collection of personal data, and even if WOU guarantees the usual level of security in open networks, the omission or inaccuracy of personal data or other information provided by the User is their sole responsibility. See our Privacy Policy.


17.1. WOU may update these Terms and Conditions in order to respond to legal updates or changes in operation. The User can consult the current TC at any time through the Website. If, however, a contractual relationship has already been established between WOU and the User, the amended TCs are only valid if WOU has informed the User of the change, if the User has not contested in writing or in text the validity of the TC changed within 6 weeks, and if the User has been informed of the legal consequences in case he does not contest.

17.2 If any of the clauses of the present TC is considered null or void, due to a legislative change or by a sentence handed down, the validity of the others will not be affected, as long as there is no unbearable indeterminacy of essential aspects or an imbalance in the benefits seriously undermining good faith.

17.3 Partial Invalidity:

17.3.1 If a provision, present or future, of the TC is or remains, totally or partially, without effect, the validity of the other provisions of this contract will not be affected, as long as there is no unbearable indeterminacy of essential aspects or an imbalance in the services seriously undermining good faith. The same applies when, after concluding the contract, there is a gap that needs to be filled. The parties will interpret and integrate the provision within the context of the contract to which they belong and considering the overall purpose of the contract.


18.1 The current Portuguese Legislation is applicable to these TCs. For the resolution of all disputes arising from the TCs, the jurisdiction of the Judicial Court of Coimbra is set, with express renounce for any other.