You will receive an e-mail in the e-mail indicated at the time of booking that will serve as proof of your registration in the activity. Show your booking to the person in charge/receptionist at the place where you will attend your plan.

If you cannot attend any of the plans you booked, you should communicate this to the official email: info@wou.pt or directly to the Partner of the activity.

You should ask this question at the activity site, as cancellation policies are variable and pertain to the WOU Partner.
No. To continue using the activities you must renew directly with the Partner of the activity and pay the respective monthly fee on site.
Aren't we there yet? Tell us which establishments you would like to see represented in the WOU community and we will get in touch with them.

Our partners are waiting to welcome you with professionalism. They know that WOU clients are demanding.

Good relations are vital for a healthy environment, let us know in case of an incident.

For further questions please refer to the User Terms and Conditions.