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CrossFit training in Tomar

CrossFit is a training program that combines functional, varied and high intensity exercises adapted to any age and physical condition of those who practice it. The CrossFit can have several goals, but without a doubt, putting the body in motion, actively and in overcoming mode is a way of being in it. Escape from the monotonous routine, while increasing your well-being, losing weight and toning your muscles are other benefits.


CrossFit training is conducted in a group, led by one or more certified instructors for an hour. In these classes you will do crossfit exercises planned in safety.


If you still have doubts you can come to try a workout and realize in practice the benefits of practicing CrossFit.


Price Includes

- Monthly CrossFit training plan


About CrossFit Tomar

A CrossFit box in Tomar where you will discover the warrior / a that is in you.


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