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CrossFit workouts in Guimarães

Do you want to start CcrossFit workouts? CrossFit is a program of strength training and general physical conditioning based on movements performed at high intensity and constantly varied. This methodology focuses on the development of our techniques, they are: cardiovascular resistance (respiratory), muscular resistance, strength, flexibility, precision, power, agility, balance, coordination and speed.


CrossFit classes are held in groups, led by one or more certified instructors for one hour. In this class you will essentially experience three components: Warm-up and mobility and instruction to practice the movements of the previous day in the WOD (training of the day). The WOD is based on a series of exercises performed at a high intensity, circuit training style.


If you still have doubts you can come to try a training and check it out with your own eyes the benefits as well as the methodology of 5.7 CrossFit. 


Price Includes

- Monthly CrossFit training plan


About Crossfit Sado

Born in 2018, when Setúbal was one of the district capitals without a CrossFit Box. Its objective, as an original affiliated box in the city of Sado, is to be recognized as a family box. A meeting point where friends and family get together and train together, improving their fitness and quality of life, proposing impactful moments, socializing, with activities in and out of the box.


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